The Right People and the Right Equipment
Add Up to Value for You.  

The competitive packaging world demands careful integration of key specialties - that means expert people and the best equipment. Our packaging plant unites in-house design, printing, manufacturing, storage, and distribution. As a result, Unipak creates custom brand packaging that is consistent and beautiful, and serves your bottom line.

More than a Packaging Manufacturer

Unipak is one of the most versatile integrated packaging manufacturers on the East Coast. We have  the capabilities and expertise to craft custom folding carton packaging, rigid boxes, ballotins, wrapped rigid boxes, biers trays, and a variety of other products made from printed paper board. With the rare ability to produce both folding cartons and rigid boxes, Unipak can support all of your packaging requirements in-house without subcontracting any portion of the manufacturing and production. Whether you need a simple rigid, two-piece setup box or a complicated, compound-fold automatically filled carton - we can make it. We also produce combination styles of custom boxes with unique materials and hand-tooling methods.

Our products include:

  • Folding Cartons
  • Rigid Boxes
  • Biers Trays
  • Point-of-Purchase Packaging
  • Custom Packaging Printing

Trusted by Great Brands

Our custom packaging manufacturing plant has been serving the needs of pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging and cosmetics as well as a long list of fine brands where packaging needs to make an impression.

From Consistency to Confidence

We produce millions of packages each year for the Pharmaceutical, Confection, Food and Cosmetics industry. Unipak provides all essential packaging regulatory requirements.

Both product consistency and service consistency are vital to our success. Customers know when they call Unipak, they have access to a quality-driven team from creative, printing, production and manufacturing / distribution.

Confidence is the name of the game when it comes to the ultra competitive world of folding carton and rigid box packaging. Our leaders have fostered three generations of experts who have created a genuine culture of confidence customers care about.

Our People and Our History

Founded nearly a half century ago, Unipak has crafted packaging for some of the world's most respected brands. We've also helped many newcomers make memorable first impressions that helped them endure. We've adapted our equipment and processes as technology, printing and fabrication have evolved.

Unipak often works with clients through packaging changes and improvements. In a world where partnership is tossed out the window to save a few pennies, Unipak's relationships have thrived. Why? Because we have leaders who want to know our customers. Our leaders are in our plant, at customer facilities, admiring whatever's new and smart and always talking to the people we work for. Our long-term relationships with public companies is a testament to our competitiveness and proof that they aren't some empty claim on a website or brochure.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Unipak is very proud to be a successful U.S. manufacturer. We employ a diverse group of American workers in an environment that rewards hard work and team success. When you work with Unipak, you are supporting U.S. industries and the American economy.  Unipak is committed to future generations by employing environmentally friendly materials (such as soy-based inks) and sustainable manufacturing practices wherever possible. Unipak is a custom packaging manufacturer with a dedicated in-house sustainability program.