Designing folding carton packaging and set-up boxes is the core of Unipak. Since we are a custom manufacturer of boxes, we are highly trained in the graphic and structural design of our products. Whether you're an ad agency with your own design staff or a manufacturer looking for expert packaging knowledge, Unipak will help you decide which box options best suit your needs.


Your corporate image, product brands and sales environments are vitally important to everything our design department creates. Too often packaging is treated as merely a box to move your product from point A to point B. When we design your packaging, our staff is trained to view your packaging as one of your most important touchpoints in the marketplace. There is no doubt that great package design improves sales and profitability. Doing it right takes both artistic and marketing judgment. We work in a variety of styles, have both in-house talent and specialty talent in our network. From chic cosmetic packaging and refined pharmaceutical packaging to fresh food folding cartons and rigid gift boxes for fine chocolates, Unipak's design department is here for you.

Many times, custom samples are necessary to evaluate key packaging performance criteria. Will the box be strong enough? Will the box be large enough to hold your product, yet small enough to fit on the retailer's shelf? These are a few questions that can easily be answered by creating a custom sample. Most of the time, custom samples are free. Occasionally, there will be a charge associated with a large number of samples or complex custom items.

Want a sample? Call us. We often share packages and prototypes from our in-house library to help customers get inspired and evaluate ideas for their own products.

If you need to see available papers, foils, or board colors, Unipak is happy to send you samples to help you make decisions.


In addition to high-impact graphics, the shape and contour of a package or display help capture the shopper‘s attention and build brand awareness. Our structural design capabilities are available to all customers. Our packaging experts start by evaluating brand objectives and strategies, as well as factoring in retail requirements, shipping efficiencies and functional needs such as protection, safety, display and more. We evaluate all other aspects of your packaging needs including the vulnerability factor of products in transit, speed of assembly and packing, stacking strength requirements, presentation and promotion variables, and your budget.

Once all of these parameters are understood, our structural designers develop candidate solutions and prototypes. After client approval, branding and graphic design take over to complete the packaging. As part of the process, renderings, models and printed prototypes can be developed to demonstrate how a solution will comply with shipping and retail needs.