Unipak provides all of the services you need to conceive, design and manufacture folding cartons and rigid boxes for your products or company. Unipak is here to help you craft your packaging vision. Our decades of experience is just a call or click away. 

Folding Carton Packaging and Design

Folding cartons continue to dominate the packaging world. Their beautiful printability, ability to convert from flat storage to complex shapes and affordability make them the smart choice for products from every industry. At Unipak this means our job is even more important to customers. How do you get the most from this popular form of packaging? We'll show you... LEARN MORE >>

Rigid Box Manufacturing and Design

We design and manufacture rigid boxes for a variety of industries. We fabricate everything from raw board boxes to fine laminated boxes for the cosmetics and specialty packaging world. We craft  branded packaging for crystal, glassware, jewelers, candy companies, fashion designers, department stores and more. When you want to express quality and distinction, the rigid box is hard to beat. LEARN MORE >>

Printing & Specialty Finishing

Printing, Specialty Finishing, Coatings and Laminates. The list of packaging possibilities with ink, stock surfaces, imagery, embossing, foils, can often create more confusion than clarity. In the hands of a great packaging printer, state-of-the-art equipment and creative minds, printing can achieve extraordinary packaging. Metallics, fluorescents, satin, gloss, shimmer and more are all possible. LEARN MORE >>

Graphic Design

Our full-service graphic design group is here to simplify your job, prepare prototypes, create concepts and ensure that the right decisions are made by asking the right questions. What you might think is complex might actually be routine.  Access our full array of stock materials and finishing options and truly fulfill your package design goals. From minimalist and modern to ornate, exotic or retro, from slick to eco-smart, we'll help your package communicate and command attention. LEARN MORE >>

Structural Design

The shape and contour of a package or display helps to capture the shopper‘s attention and are even trademarked as part of some brands. Our structural design capabilities are available to all customers. Our packaging experts start with evaluating your overall packaging goals, preferences and budget. Then we factor in retail requirements, packing efficiencies and functional needs such as protection, safety, display impact and more. LEARN MORE >>

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Warehousing

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is available at Unipak. Whether your inventory is rigid boxes, bulk cartons or other packaging components, we manage warehousing, tracking, picking, and delivery using proven VMI best practices. If you're looking for a trusted packaging manufacturer with VMI solutions, look no futher than Unipak. READ MORE >>

Sustainability Solutions

Need a sustainability partner. Unipak can help you specify recycled and FSC qualified materials, eco-friendly soy inks and appropriate coatings to achieve your sustainability goals. Make choices so you qualify for environmental and recycled content seals to put on your packages. But helping you meet sustainability goals is just the beginning. Unipak has a dedicated in-house sustainability program which starts with stock use optimization and comprehensive recycling of waste. LEARN MORE >>