Need packaging solutions with warehousing or VMI services? Look no further than Unipak. Our plant and warehouse are located in suburban Philadelphia. Call us to discuss your particular needs and we can show you how we're implementing warehouse and VMI services for other customers.


Unipak provides VMI services for companies employing this model in their supply chains. Industries like foods, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and automotive supplies use VMI to improve their supply chain efficiencies. 

Beyond Just-in-time Delivery, the VMI concept aims to reduce inventory in your pipeline. With the pressures of quarterly earnings, Unipak understands the value of VMI to customers. Talk to our management about your VMI needs. We are centrally located in the Mid-Atlantic in suburban Philadelphia with easy access to virtually any transportation method.

Store your top quality boxes and folding cartons at Unipak. We routinely provide VMI services to our contract customers who work with us to coordinate the release of their packaging for product fulfillment and delivery to their manufacturing plants. Others use our warehousing services for simple convenience. For example, gift boxes are conventional folding carton styles that pack efficiently. Yet, they are often made of beautiful paperboard with textures, specialty finishes like embosses or foil stamps. These methods benefit economically from long print runs. This creates a storage issue that Unipak is happy to solve. The result is ultimately bottomline value for the customer. 

We admit, pre-assembled boxes require space for sure, but depending on your package assembly and insertion methods, they can save countless labor hours associated with other products that ship to you flat and require conversion before packaging.  For both rigid and folding carton packaging, there are always dramatic savings for manufacturing certain volumes. Balancing volume savings compared to storage solutions is routine at Unipak. We'll be happy to help you do what's best for your particular situation.


Before you place your order, our salespeople can tell you exactly how your boxes will be packed. Whether rigid or folding cartons, knowing your manufacturing volumes, ordering process and goals are essential when determining the ideal VMI solution for you. If space is an issue at your locations, then you can store your boxes at Unipak.