We provide end-to-end folding carton packaging –  from design and prototyping through printing, finishing and final fabrication. As a veteran folding carton manufacturer, we've served customers from virtually every industry. We have a reputation for excellence and we work very hard to deliver superior personal attention.


We design and manufacture folding carton packaging for flagship brands in the food, confection, pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetic and durable goods industries. 

When we say it’s all in the packaging, we mean it. That means image, cost-control, regulatory requirements, shelf efficiency and visual impact. Whether you have an existing packaging design you want to make or need ideas, Unipak can help make your package a reality. Today, folding cartons can be made into intriguing new forms and structures. Innovations in paper converting technologies now make it possible for Unipak to create a vast array of shapes and sizes. Need special openings, closure devices, windows, die-cuts, display flaps, hanging flaps, inserts, handles or multi-part designs? Unipak has created all of these for many customers.

Unipak has been crafting effective packaging for over 50 years. Our folding cartons are custom designed to fit your needs. We offer a full service manufacturing plant and a large warehouse to manage your inventory.  The facility is complimented by a staff with decades of industry experience.  Our leaders are active participants in the technology, business and packaging design communities and have long-standing relationships with some of the most respected product brands and advertising agencies in North America as well as a select group of overseas companies looking for a U.S. packaging partner.

Our qualified service professionals start by gathering application specifications and technical requirements.  We help guide you through the entire process, offering advice and insight along the way in an effort to maximize quality while reducing cost.  We are eager to work with you and your company on designing the very best packaging solution to fit you and your customer's needs.  


Unipak’s folding carton design engineers help you pick the ideal board material and thickness to meet your requirements.  Utilizing three generations of experience we offer insight into shortcomings of a chosen style and often help improve, simplify and streamline previous concepts.


Our designers can provide you with full-color design ideas that bring your brand and products to life with expert mock-ups. Packaging design is not for amateurs. Professional typography, illustration and photography are absolutely essential for your packaging to compete in today's marketplace. 


Our structural designers can create precise CAD drawings to meet your exact technical and visual specifications. From those blueprints, we provide you with prototype samples of your custom carton for approval. Examine closures, folds, glue tabs, inserts, windows, diecuts and every other detail. After all, you are manufacturing something. Details matter — a lot. 


Our quality controlled production process guarantees consistent quality from run to run.  Unipak’s state of the art equipment and our ability to stay on the forefront of technology have made us a leader in end-to-end folding carton packaging solutions in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Unipak has strong supplier relationships, versatile in-house capabilities, VMI, and a willing, customer-focused staff who likes a challenge. We've proven our ability to meet tight deadlines in today's fast-paced world. If you have an emergency situation or an especially tight schedule, give us a call. We're here to help.  


Our VMI solutions and warehouses are available to help manage your inventory, minimize storage expense and optimize your supply chain regarding packaging.  We can help you balance costs to make decisions on product run length vs. storage and shipping.