At Unipak, we care about our collective environment.  We also care about adding value for our customers. For us, sustainability is more than a trendy catch phrase that's politically correct. It represents what we believe is now fundamental for modern manufacturers. Fortunately, the paper mills are leading the way for many of us. It's up to us to participate, recycle, make smart energy choices and be aware of the waste we generate.

There are a variety of ways to express your use of recycled materials. From placing a universal recycled logo on your carton to using 100% recycled material for your package. Other, more stringent seals such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) may be used with permission when using specific paper brands from specific manufacturers. Unipak can help you make decisions on the right materials for your goals. 

From paperboard to inks and coatings—from green design and development to supply chain management and energy conservation efforts—everything we do stems from an ingrained mindset that tells us we must leave the world a better place than we found it.

At Unipak, we care about our environment. Our packaging solutions focus on the following objectives whenever possible:

    • Sourced from sustainably managed forests
    • Responsibly manufactured
    • Easily recyclable
    • Planet-friendly packaging materials made with up to 100% recycled content
    • FDA-compliant material for refrigerated/frozen/standard foods
    • FSC-certified options when using paperboard from certified mills
    • Inks composed of 61% soy and vegetable-based by-products

We also recycle paperboard waste, reuse materials and pallets where possible, and reuse our ink fountain solutions.

You can add value to your packaging by choosing to include any of several logos and/or taglines that convey your commitment to sustainability.