We manufacture rigid boxes for candy, jewelry, housewares, glassware, decorative products, games, consumer electronics and apparel. Unipak can create virtually any rigid box you can imagine. Since Unipak is a custom box manufacturer, your options are limited only by your imagination.


Rigid boxes (also called Set Up Boxes) provide  a durable, yet elegant package for any product. They can be one-piece,  two-piece or hinged in style. For other forms give us a call. 

Rigid/Set-up boxes are considered a high-end product in packaging. With a non-collapsible chipboard bottom and cover, they are among the strongest and most elegant styles of packaging available today. Popular examples of these boxes are candy boxes like Godiva (which we make), game boxes and jewelry boxes such as those for watches and jewelry.


Rigid boxes require specialized equipment to wrap paper around a rigid chipboard tray. The wrap can be unprinted or have an image or patterned print. It can be flat or textured. It can even be a foil paper or cloth. Custom branding and graphics are routinely printed or foil stamped onto the paper wrap. The results are often very impressive. Talk to Unipak to discuss your rigid box needs. Even if your budget isn’t that of Tiffany’s, a minimalist approach can lead you to a package of distinction and value. Our team of designers and packaging experts work with clients right from the start to make sure they have a rigid box solution that serves sales, long term cost requirements, coordination with product manufacturing, storage and more.


Rigid boxes are a statement of quality. That's why they are so popular with premium products across industries. From homegoods, china, silverware, jewelry, crystal and other valuables where protection is critical, rigid boxes are in a class by themself. At Unipak, we use the finest machinery from Emmeci to craft beautiful boxes with efficiency and premium finishing. Combined with our high-end in-house printing and finishing, Unipak is a resource who's proved its value to some of the nation's most respected product manufacturers and designers.