Health and Beauty Packaging

Skincare, cosmetics, personal care and hygiene products are among the packaging world's most brand-sensitive products

Unipak’s creative designers and state of the art CAD system will help you create packaging that suits your product and sales channel. From French tuck cartons to complex inner cells to hold bottles and applicators, Unipak’s experienced design team will work closely with you to develop the best package for your product.  Unipak’s multi color print capabilities along with a wide range of coating options will help your product stand out amongst the competition.  Additionally, Unipak’s brand new Bobst ExpertFold Gluer can fold and glue even the most complex designs.  The ExpertFold’s carton aligner and glue detection system will insure that every carton is uniform and functional.  Unipak will partner with you from design through to delivery to provide the best packaging solution for your product.